Abzac, European leader in ecological industrial packaging

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Abzac, European leader in ecological industrial packaging

When environmental deterioration has reached critical levels, industrial packaging, closely linked to our consumption patterns, is being singled out. The traditional ones, not always recycled, have a negative impact on the ecosystem because their degradation takes more time.

Conversely, ecological industrial packaging is on the rise. Recyclable, sustainable and biodegradable, they appeal to many consumers looking for new alternatives to minimize the impact on the planet. Switching to environmentally friendly packaging is no longer an option for manufacturers, it is a necessity.

This is why Abzac, the European leader in ecological industrial packaging, has combined technical innovation and ecology to produce an environmentally friendly product called a cardboard drum. Performance, reliability and safety of ecological packaging, Abzac keeps you informed.

Abzac, European leader in ecological industrial packaging

Abzac, European manufacturer of cardboard drums

Innovating while respecting the environment is possible with Abzac. In a context marked by the rise of renewable resources and energy and carbon savings, our group is part of the sustainable development strategy and actively participates in the protection of the environment.

With recognized expertise, combined with long-standing know-how, Abzac launched the first kraft drum in France in the 1970s. Coming from the cardboard industry, it is an industrial packaging that enhances natural and renewable forest resources. Designed for the packaging, transport and storage of dry, pasty, semi-liquid and liquid products, it suits to all types of industries, fine chemicals, industrial pharmacy, agro industries and many more. The fibre drum is designed for industries looking for high-performance technological and environmental solutions.

For many years, Abzac has invested in this direction to promote research, innovation and the development of increasingly technical and environmentally friendly cardboard products. Nothing has been left to chance in terms of competence, equipment, choice of raw materials, or even measuring tools. Aware of societal and environmental challenges, Abzac continuously improves its production and development processes.

Kraft drum, reliable industrial packaging that is environmentally friendly

A real economical and ecological alternative to traditional drums, it meets the requirements of industrial packaging in terms of safety and reliability.

To demonstrate this, Abzac has a central control laboratory within its own headquarters – the only one of this type in Europe – to develop and verify the quality of its product. The fiber drum is thus subjected to a series of tests: drop, vibrations, vertical compression, tightness, impermeability, cleanliness and many more in order to verify the correct conformity of the manufacture.

Robust and reliable, the kraft drum is a packaging impact resistant, and protects from moisture, corrosion and temperature variations. Although it is made of cardboard, it is known for its high resistance capacity. It can carry up to 300 kilos. It is also lighter and less noisy than conventional metal packaging.

You will understand: Abzac has now become the only player that can support large industrial groups in their development in ecological industrial packaging. Would you like more information about the cardboard drum? On a simple phone call or by contact form, discuss your project and receive all the information you need