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  • Fri Mar 2024
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Mar 2024

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CFIA 2024

The CFIA 2024 trade show in Rennes is shaping up to be the must-attend event for food and industrial professionals. Abzac, producer of cardboard tubes and angles, fiber drums and fibre drums, is already positioning itself as a major player in this annual event. 

Abzac and its commitment 

Abzac, a specialist in industrial packaging, stands out for its know-how and commitment to sustainable innovation. With its solid expertise, Abzac offers tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of its customers.

Participation in CFIA 2024 

The 2024 edition of the CFIA trade show in Rennes will be an opportunity for Abzac to present its latest technological advances and innovative packaging solutions, with the stated aim of reducing environmental impact. Abzac develops cardboard tubes and cores, cardboard corner protectors, and kraft drums, all these products are always lighter, yet still high-performance. 

The Abzac teams will be on hand to explain in greater detail how our solutions can help you improve your industrial and environmental performance.