Abzaplus®: the recyclable, tamper-proof cardboard drum by Abzac 

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Oct 2023

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Abzaplus®: the recyclable, tamper-proof cardboard drum by Abzac 

Abzac offers the Abzaplus® fiber drum, a cardboard drum designed to meet a multitude of essential requirements. This drum combines strength, toughness, tamper-evidence and recyclability, offering an innovative packaging solution for a variety of industries.

Abzaplus® all-fibre drum description

Abzaplus® has a 100% kraft or linerboard body, with no metal reinforcement, making it remarkably light and easy to handle. 

Thanks to a patented rolled top without metal crimping, the Abzaplus® fiber drum withstands a static compression of 700 kilos, making it a reliable choice for transport and storage products of different densities.

This rolled top keeps a high-performance closure without adhesives, with a tamper-proof closure ring and a cardboard or plastic lid. 

The bottom of the drum is made of glued laminated kraft, with a polyethylene barrier to ensure optimum tightness. As an option, it can be reinforced with a waterproof cardboard or plastic corner piece, offering additional protection for moisture-sensitive products. The use of a metal-free assembly considerably reduces the weight of the drum, facilitating handling and transport operations.

Some advantages of the Abzaplus® cardboard drum

Abzaplus® cardboard drums comply with Directive 2004/12/EC on the recycling of packaging, and are made from 100% single-material components, making them easy to recycle. Just like a conventional cardboard box, it can be fully recycled, helping to preserve the environment and meeting today’s environmental requirements. By choosing the Abzaplus® fibredrum, you are making a sustainable choice for the packaging and transportation of your products.

The Abzaplus ® Kraft drum offers an innovative packaging solution, combining strength, tamper-evidence, and recyclability. Its metal-free design, light weight and compliance with international standards make it a preferred choice in many industrial sectors. Thanks to its recyclability, it meets today’s environmental requirements. Choosing the Abzaplus® cardboard drum means choosing a reliable, durable option for packaging and transporting your products.