What are the benefits of a Fibre Drum for your business ?

  • Thu Jul 2023
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Jul 2023

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What are the benefits of a Fibre Drum for your business ?

Choosing a Fibre Drum may seem simple, but it is important to take into account several criteria to choose the model that best suits your needs.

Cardboard drums are an economical and ecological solution for the storage and transport of different types of products, such as powders, pastes, semi-liquids or even liquids. In this article, we will guide you to choose the right Kraft drum for your business and your products!

Many selection criteria have to be considered before choosing the right cardboard drum: our sales teams are at your disposal and can advise you!

To find the ideal cardboard drum, it will be important to ask yourself the right questions and choose the models that meet your needs. For example, each model has specific technical criteria such as resistance, volume, load capacity, moisture protection, customization, etc.


Your cardboard drum must be resistant to pressure, shocks and vibrations during storage and transport.

It will be important for you to select the perfect model to contain your products, especially if you are transporting corrosive or dangerous chemicals.


Your choice must also relate to the volume that the drum will contain: thanks to their capacity of 20 liters minimum to 250 liters maximum, our product range offers you various choices adapted to your needs. Each model has its technical specificities .

Moisture protection

For products sensitive to humidity, the fibre drum must also have a barrier against humidity or be fitted with an airtight lid. An Abzaclim® drum will be perfect for your moisture-sensitive products that need to be stored outside !


Logos, texts or images to enhance the visibility and notoriety of your company. For this, we offer you a customization of the drums by painting or screen printing.

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