Buy a Fibre Drum : 4 advantages to know

  • Tue Jun 2020
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Jun 2020



Buy a Fibre Drum : 4 advantages to know

The Kraft drum is very popular in industrial packaging business. Appreciated for its great resistance, it is recommended for the transport of various products. Moreover the advantage of being ecological and reusable, the kraft drum or fiber drum, has many advantages for packaging and transport. Abzac, manufacturer of kraft drums and industrial packaging solutions, gives you 4 advantages to know about the cardboard drum.

Tailor-made ecological packaging for the transport of products

Practical for the transport of various products (dry, pasty, semi-liquid and liquid), the Kraft drum is a tailor-made cardboard packaging, effective whatever your sector of activity. Cylindrical in shape, it matches the specific needs of its content thanks to a variety of interior and exterior coatings. Full open top fibre drum is the most common. This type of packaging is ideal for transporting chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals and many more.

Ecological and recyclable industrial packaging

The Kraft drum is an economical and ecological alternative to traditional steel or plastic drums. Made from natural or recycled fibers, the fibre  drum from Abzac Packaging is an environmentally friendly industrial packaging. It is reusable and biodegradable. If you are an industrial company in a sustainable development approach, the kraft drum is the suitable packaging for you.

Strength and reliability of kraft

Robust and reliable, the kraft drum is a packaging that is moisture and  impact resistant, it doesn’t fear corrosion and temperature variations. Even made of cardboard, it is known for its high resistance capacity. It can carry up to 300 kilos. Built to be easily mechanically handled, it can be stacked on 3 or 4 heights depending on the model.

Significant user comfort

Being made of cardboard, the industrial kraft drum is much lighter and less noisy than the metal drum. This is a great comfort for operators, better working conditions, less arduous work. It allows easy transport of products. This type of packaging is palletizable and stackable. Handling can completely be done manually for light goods.

You will understand: the industrial kraft keg is a packaging with multiple advantages, ideal for an industrial company looking for a new container for the transport of its goods. Do you have a project and would you like a quote for the production of kraft drums ? Our Abzac Packaging team is at your disposal at + 33 5 57 49 39 00.