How to choose the right Fibre drum for your business ?

  • Tue Jun 2023
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Jun 2023

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How to choose the right Fibre drum for your business ?

Choosing a KRAFT drum may seem simple, but it is important to take into account several criteria to choose the model that best suits your needs.

Cardboard drums are an economical and ecological solution for the storage and transport of different types of products, such as powders, pastes, semi-liquids or even liquids. Some information about our range:

The different types of KRAFT drums

Abzac offers a complete range of KRAFT drums suitable for various uses and industries. Each type of cardboard drum has its specific advantages depending on the use and needs of your business. We want to offer a range of 100% eco-responsible, useful and economical products that meet your requirements in all your activities, whatever the weight of your product!

Crimped drums: Abzalis®, Abzaclim®, Abzaliq® and Tréfilerie


Abzalis® is the ideal fiber drum for products emptied by pressure plate, it is designed for all pumpable products: Hot melt adhesives, sealants drained at room temperature, gaskets, etc. We also offer you an optional removable bottom for complete emptying.


Abzaclim ® is a crimped drum specially designed for the storage of products sensitive to humidity. This outdoor storable fiber drum is weatherproof and will allow you to store your product even outdoors from -35° to +75°.

This drum also offers you a filling temperature of up to 105° and weight up to 300 kg !


We also offer “Abzaliq®”. This model is equipped with an airtight lid with bung and bung, ideal for storing non-hazardous liquid products!

Drum for wire

Abzac also offers a range of specific kraft drums for wires and cables. The “central chimney” of the fiber drum serves as a guide for your wires or cables, this allows you to transport the product without damaging it, but also makes easier filling and unrolling.

Our crimped cardboard drums are eco-designed from recycled or recyclable materials. They are recyclable in the traditional packaging waste processing channels.

All fiber drums: Abzaplus ® and Abzasanté®

All fiber drums are fully recyclable and compostable cardboard drums. 100% metal-free kraft body with a patented rolled top, a metal-free laminated bottom, a kraft lid, and a tamper-proof locking band. Our range then offers two models: Abzaplus® and Abzasanté®.


Made up of 100% mono-material components, the AbzaPlus ® cardboard drum aims to lighten packaging while respecting resistance, solidity and tamper-proof requirements. It is an all-fiber drum approved by the UN for the transport of YZ hazardous materials.


Designed for the agro food and pharmaceutical industry, Abzasanté® is an all-fibre drum, without any metal parts, in accordance with EC regulations (1935/2004). Suitable for food contact, Abzasanté® is the answer to the high cleanliness requirements of sensitive industries.

The all fiber range drums are recyclable without tools like a cardboard box. This is additional comfort and safety for your products during transport.