Kraft drum, choose your ecological industrial packaging

  • Wed Jul 2020
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Jul 2020



Kraft drum, choose your ecological industrial packaging

A general awareness as well as numerous regulations regarding environmental protection have resulted in new green packaging solutions, in line with consumer issues.

The ecological impact and the need to protect the environment is now a major factor in purchasing decisions. This is why Abzac Packaging offers its customers a range of cardboard drums, also called kraft drums, in order to meet all industrial requirements.

Ecological and recyclable packaging: the kraft keg is the solution

Referring to a study conducted by Coleman Parkes Research about  European consumers’ perceptions of packaging, 68% of Europeans believe that ecological behavior is now very important or more important, and that the environment is a high priority for the younger generations.

Moreover,52% of them think that rigid cardboard is the most ecological packaging, far ahead of plastic or metal! Keep in mind this eco-responsible packaging solution in your purchase decision.

Being made from renewable natural materials is now considered one of the most important characteristics of industrial packaging. The kraft drum is an efficient and reliable cardboard packaging. Depending on your needs, it has the advantage of being practical for transporting multiple products (in bulk, dry, pasty, semi-liquid and certain liquids). It is therefore an efficient industrial cardboard packaging whatever your sector of activity.

Abzac Packaging, Kraft drums producer:

Thanks to the know-how and in-depth knowledge of cardboard, Abzac Packaging satisfies the constraints of the markets and users of cardboard drums or fiber drums. Several years of research have made it possible to determine the technical characteristics of a specific cardboard for fibre drums.

Made from natural or recycled fibers, the Abzac Packaging kraft drum is an eco-friendly industrial packaging. It is reusable and biodegradable. If you are an industrial company with a sustainable development approach, the kraft drum is the packaging for you.

Abzac Packaging, manufacturer of kraft drums and industrial packaging solutions, provides you with a wide choice of fibre drums to meet all industrial needs.

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly packaging manufacturer? Do you want a quote for kraft drums ? Abzac will be happy to assist you in your project. Our professional team is at your disposal to provide you with packaging solution, as soon as possible.