Kraft drums made in France with Abzac

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Jul 2022



Kraft drums made in France with Abzac

Abzac, the European leader in kraft drums or cardboard drums, is also one of the main manufacturers of cardboard tubes and cores, and cardboard corners. Established throughout Europe and in North America, Abzac is a French independent family group.

kraft drums

Why choose Abzac kraft drums? 

You are probably starting to hear more and more about kraft drums? They are technological packaging dedicated to the transport and storage of dry, liquid, semi-liquid or pasty products. 

Strong and impact resistant, kraft drums are environmentally friendly as they are recyclable and ecological materials. Choosing a fiber drum means choosing an eco-responsible packaging. As kraft is a renewable resource, your supplies will always be assured and you will not have to face shortages. 

Kraft drums are comfortable to use and easy to transport, as they are light and less noisy than metal drums for example. They are also easy to handle as they can be palletized

and stacked 2 to 3 high. 

Abzac Group, or how to carry out a strategy of proximity 

We produce our kraft drums in Europe (3 factories in France and one in Germany) to serve our user markets. The Abzac Group develops a proximity based strategy to ensure production and thus gain customer satisfaction. 

So by choosing the Abzac Group for your cardboard packaging, your orders will be honoured. In case of  a surge in activity, our 3 factories in France ensure production. These cardboard drum manufacturing sites are located in Abzac in the Gironde, in Anvin in the Hauts de France, and in Saint Pierre de Chandieu near Lyon in France 

Whether it’s unplanned requests or an increase of  our customers activity, our factories can produce kraft drums nearly without limit. We support our customers to avoid long delivery times or delays. With Abzac fibre drums, our customers choose security of supply and avoid shortages. 

If you would like more information about our kraft drums, please contact one of our sales representatives. We will answer all your questions about our cardboard packaging by directing you to our website: