Metal shortage ? Why should we choose cardboard packaging ? 

  • Thu Apr 2022
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Apr 2022



Metal shortage ? Why should we choose cardboard packaging ? 


Metal shortage? Why should we choose cardboard packaging? 

In the current context of environmental concerns, the cardboard drum, also called kraft drum, is the best alternative to metal drums. By choosing the fiber drum you respect the environment. Indeed, by using a renewable resource you participate in sustainable development and circular economy. 

Our cardboard packaging and cardboard drums are perfectly designed for the transport and handling of industrial products. Lighter than metal, cardboard drums are also considerably less noisy than metal. On the other hand, metal can be scarce and its price can vary considerably. This is why choosing the Abzac cardboard drum to package your goods such as powder, paste or even liquid form is a durable, efficient and economical alternative to metal drums.

The advantages of choosing cardboard for your packaging

Cardboard is the best choice for your packaging. Economical, ecological, recyclable and resistant, cardboard drums can be  resistant to temperature variations and corrosion. In case of impact, the fiber drum will simply deform and often recovers its shape, while metal drums, after an impact, remain damaged, the inner varnish if any will show splinters.

The Abzac fibre drum  solution for your products is practical during transport and handling. Less noisy and lighter, cardboard drums are easy to handle. 

Kraft drums also offers a wide range of heights and capacities from 20L to 250L. It is easy to find fibredrums drums to match your transportation and packaging requirements. 

Cardboard drums, a response to our customers’ needs 

Our group Abzac is a precursor in the innovation of this cardboard packaging solution. Indeed, the first drums launched by the Abzac group date back to the 1970s. 

Our customers are looking for technological and environmental solutions that meet today’s needs. Designed in accordance with the EC regulations, the cardboard drums meet the high performance requirements of sensitive industries. The cardboard drums and kraft drums are recyclable and provide comfort and safety to every user. 

For any information concerning cardboard drums, cardboard corners or cardboard cores and tubes, contact us. We will find specific solutions adapted to your needs. We bring concrete solutions in terms of eco-responsibility (materials, weight, transport).