No shortage in sight, for Kraft drums!

  • Mon Jun 2019
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Jun 2019



No shortage in sight, for Kraft drums!

The Fibre drum: the renewable packaging solution

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Fibre drums or Abzac Kraft drums are mainly composed of kraft. This raw material from sustainably managed forests, where the resource is constantly renewed, is a natural and renewable fibre. In fact, every year, we plant in these forests, more trees than we cut.

Unlike steel or plastic drums, cardboard is not composed of fossil raw material and is therefore not exposed to a shortage. Sometimes, there is a real risk of plastic shortage, which creates a tension on supplies and prices.

The fibre drum is also a stable industrial packaging, unlike the plastic or metal drum. It does not face major and cyclical price variations related to a risk of shortage of raw materials because its raw material, kraft is a renewable resource.

The fibre drum: the industrial packaging solution

The fibre drums or the fibre drums is the ideal solution to package transport and store dry, pasty, semi-liquid or liquid products. It is also for this reason that it is widely used by manufacturers of fine chemicals, industrial pharmacy and food industry for example.

The fibre drum is also perfectly adapted to difficult conditions for overseas exports.

Choosing the Abzac fibre drums therefore means choosing an ecological, innovative and sustainable industrial packaging. It is also a reassuring solution since fibre drum supplies will always be assured and there will be no shortage!