The 10 most frequently asked questions about fibre drums

  • Thu Jan 2020
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Jan 2020



The 10 most frequently asked questions about fibre drums

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You can find here informations about 10 more frequently asked questions about Fibre Drums

  1. I am about to use kraft drums, are they sturdy and stackable ?Yes, they can carry up to 300 kg, and be stacked over 2 or 3 levels depending on the model
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  1. The drums are for export to China. They will be  stored outside, sometimes in the rain, frost or heat. Is the kraft drum suitable for these conditions?

    The Abzac kraft drum is suitable for outdoor storage, and for difficult transport conditions (containers, humidity). They can withstand temperatures between -35 to 70°c.

  1. My product is liquid, can I use a kraft drum to package it?

    Yes of course, if it is not classified as a dangerous  liquid by the UN.

  1. My drums are mechanically handled, is it possible with kraft  drums?

    As with any packaging drum, the fibre drum can be handled with forklift, including forklift that take the body of the drum. This requires a proper adjustment and inform the operators.

See the video of handling Abzac drums
How to handle fibre drums? from Abzac on Vimeo.
  1. Is the kraft drum customizable?

Yes. This is a requirement for some manufacturers, who organize their stock by color, for example to easily distinguish their products or their customers. Abzac fibre drums can be painted and screen printed, even for a small quantity. Indeed, the manufacture of kraft drums is not only by campaigns and large series, so we can customize more easily.

  1. Can the fibre solution be adapted to specific volumes ?

There are many sizes of fibre  drums today. A customer asks you for 155 liters? Abzac has a wide range with more than 10 drum diameters. The height and therefore the liter are adaptable to each request. For example, a customer wants a maximum height to pass in a line or a specific storage, it is very simple with a fibre drum!

  1. Is it easy to change from using metal or plastic drums to fibre drums ?

In general, the adaptation is minimal because the dimensions are often standard and identical to the old drums. The real change concerns working conditions, with a lighter solution, easy to handle and with less noise.

  1. Is the fibre drum lower weight than the steel drum?

Yes, the fibre drum is on average half less heavy than the metal drum. This solution thus generates transport savings, and lower CO2 impact.

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  1. Is the kraft drum recyclable ? Who should my customers contact in order to recycle their drums?

    The fibre drum is recyclable just like other packaging. End users need to contact the recycling company.


                10. Is the kraft drum cheaper than the metal drum ?

The Fibre drum is an economical solution.The price is more stable and less   subject   to price variation.


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