Your new year resolutions : ecological wishes in 2022 !

  • Wed Jan 2022
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Jan 2022



Your new year resolutions : ecological wishes in 2022 !

At the beginning of 2022, we wish you all our best wishes for health and happiness. Maybe now is the time to review your consumption habits for the new year ? Yes everybody agrees, it is vital to protect biodiversity. But how to do it ? Should we act individually or collectively ? Through our daily choices, we can significantly reduce our impact on the environment. Have you thought about your new resolutions? Abzac gives you some advice if you want to reduce your ecological footprint.

Abzac gives you some ideas to better consume, to reduce both your greenhouse gas emissions but also your impact on natural resources and biodiversity:

  • Eat local or choose local suppliers
  • Reduce food waste
  • Recycle
  • Choose renewable energy suppliers
  • Reduce energy consumption

Accumulating these “little” efforts can yield tremendous results. What we consume within our own homes can impact the world’s most important and vital ecosystems. We must therefore act!


Company with circular economy and eco-responsible raw material

Abzac, manufacturer of kraft drums, is part of an economic and ecological approach. We act collectively to reduce environmental impacts and implement actions to protect the environment.

Indeed, cardboard drums are made from a sustainable resource : kraft and paper. Our papers, from sustainably managed forests, are produced there. Our main resource is therefore constantly renewed as we plant more trees every year than we cut them down. Our main material is therefore inexhaustible.

Also, cardboard is known to be a very easy material to recycle or incinerate. Unlike plastic, which use is tending to decline year on year, cardboard is more  popular. Resistant, recyclable and light, cardboard drums are genuine sustainable packaging solutions for manufacturers who want and seek to reduce their carbon footprint.

What is a kraft drum?

Cardboard drums or fiber drums are fully opening containers designed for storing products, dry, pasty, liquid or semi-liquid. They are ideal for packaging as well as for transport.

Indeed, kraft drums are also approved for the transport of hazardous materials. They are widely used by fine chemicals, food industry and even industrial pharmacies. This packaging solution is suitable for all companies.

Abzac, the leading manufacturer of cardboard drums or fibre drums , has been able to find ecological and economical industrial packaging solutions that are part of a comprehensive CSR approach. For more information about our packaging solutions in kraft drums, contact us on +33 5 57 49 39 00 or directly via our contact form.