Abzac manufacturer throughout the world

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Abzac manufacturer throughout the world

To be closer to its customers, the Abzac company is established in the whole world.
Its 12 production sites are located in Europe and North America.


Thanks to its production sites of tubes carton, fibre drums and cardboard corners, located in Europe, in Canada, in North America and Mexico, Abzac can be close to its customers and its markets.

Abzac sites around the world

The Abzac factories

Abzac has 12 production plants around 2 continents (Europe and America). According to the local requests, all the factories do not manufacture the same products:

  • The cardboard cores: 11 factories, including 6 in Europe (France, Spain, Romania) and 4 in North America
  • The cardboard corners: 3 factories in Canada, in the United States, to Mexico and 1 in Romania
  • The fibredrums: 3 factories in France

Proximity, a durable solution

The strategy based on proximity has been chosen historically by Abzac. It allows a better comprehension of its customers requirements and an optimized reactivity.

Thanks to its factory network in the middle of the markets, the costs of transport of the raw materials and the end products are minimized, contributing to the optimization of the supply chain and a better environmental performance: less distance between the place of manufacturing and the customer, it is lower carbon impact!

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