Safety: fibre drums can be the solution

  • Wed Aug 2014
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Aug 2014



Safety: fibre drums can be the solution

The fibre drum presents many advantages as regarding safety compared to other types of containers like the plastic or steel drums.

Today the corporations are interested more and more in the working conditions of their employees and seek solutions to decrease painfulness and to improve safety in the factories.


The weight: the fibredrum is light, that means 10 kg less for the back!

weight-fibre-drumA fibredrum of 200 liters weighs approximately 10 kg, that is to say 10 kg less than the same drum but steel drum which weighs 20 kg.
Although many operations are mechanized, it often happens that the workers have to move them by hand, sometimes several times per day.

Stability: an excellent behavior with the stacking

stability-fibre-drumThe round fibre drum is particularly adapted to storage. Compared to a conical drum for example, or quite simply a drum whose base is narrower than the body, it has an excellent behavior with the stacking. More stable, it is not likely to fall, therefore less risks of working accidents.

Noise: the fibre drum , decibels in less in the workshops!

noise-fibre-drumThe steel drums are noisy when they are shocked by another with a metal tool or simply during displacement on the conveyers of a production line. On the contrary, the Kraft drum is quiet: the kraft wall side does not resound, even absorbs the noise.

At the end, using fibre drums in the factories or the warehouses and storerooms, is making the choice to privilege safety for the employees.