Gold medal renewed for Abzac

  • Wed Sep 2022
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Sep 2022



Gold medal renewed for Abzac

More and more companies offer eco-responsible packaging solutions today
ECOVadis encourages companies to invest in short circuits and promote circular economy. Ecovadis
presents itself as the global standard for CSR assessments and guides all companies, small or large, to
turn to a sustainable mode.


What is the ECOVADIS label ?

The ECOVADIS gold medal is awarded each year to companies that demonstrate a sustainable. The
ECOVADIS gold medal was created in 2007 to recognize companies that are actively committed to
protecting the environment.
For example, it may be a product or service with minimal environmental impact or a company that
has developed an innovative recycling process.

The ECOVADIS medal is therefore awarded to the most eco-friendly companies. It is awarded based
on the assessment of two criteria: the environmental impact of the company's products and services
and the degree of sustainable development to which it is committed.
Through a system of independent audits, companies like Abzac are assessed on their efforts to
improve their environmental knowledge, as well as on their progress in the field of sustainable

Gold medal renewed for Abzac for the year 2022

The result of the evaluation conducted by EcoVadis on the CSR performance of Abzac France has just
been published and for the second consecutive year Abzac has been awarded a gold medal.
This is a real success for the Abzac group, since the score for 2022 is higher than last year with an
overall score of 69/100.

Abzac France is among the top 5% companies assessed by EcoVadis.
The Abzac group thus shows its commitment to sustainable development and continues to deploy its
CSR approach.

Choosing Abzac packaging solutions, cardboard cores, fiber drums or kraft drums, cardboard corners
contributes to improving CSR scores.