What is the difference between the steel drum and the fibre drum?

  • Tue Jan 2023
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Jan 2023

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What is the difference between the steel drum and the fibre drum?

Steel drums and open top fibre drums are excellent storage solutions for powdered, pasty, semi-liquid or liquid products. Although steel drums are still predominantly used, more and more users are moving to OT fibre drums for their durability.

What are the differences between the steel drum and the kraft drum?

Thanks to these multiple advantages, fibre drums, also called “kraft drums”, have made a name for themselves over the years in the world of transport, but also storage. Faced with the wide range of containers: metal, plastic, cardboard drums are increasingly used.

Choose your drum according to its use

Generally used for the packaging, transport, or storage of dry, pasty and semi-liquid products, fibre drums are widely used by manufacturers. Indeed, this product is perfectly suitable for the transport of product:

– chemical,

– pharmaceutical,

– food industry.

Very resistant to bad weather, fibre drums are also very often used for outdoor storage. No longer will you have to worry about storing your kraft drums in humid or tropical locations. Also, in the event of an impact, the metal drums will remain damaged, even unusable and they remain heavy and noisy. While the fibre drum will often recover its shape after an impact and it is light and quiet.

Our Abzac group is a pioneer in cardboard packaging solutions. Indeed, we have been working in this field for almost 70 years now. Our fiber drums meet the performance requirements of sensitive industries and are designed in accordance with CE standards.

Is it better to move to cardboard packaging?

Following the Covid pandemic and regarding environmental constraints, manufacturers have had to deal with shortages of metal. Fibre drums have therefore become an alternative to steel drums. Why is it really better?

First, as we stated above, by favoring the use of fiber drums, you respect the environment. Unlike metal, it is a renewable material. In addition, they are lighter than steel ones, but also less noisy!

At Abzac, we have designed fibre drums that perfectly suit for transport and handling. This is why kraft drums are a durable, economical and efficient solution! Would you like more information about our barrel production? Contact us for more information. Do not hesitate to browse our blog, you will find many articles on fibre drums, but also about edges and paper cores.