When technical innovation and respect for the environment come together with Abzac

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Feb 2023

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When technical innovation and respect for the environment come together with Abzac

Air pollution, water pollution or noise pollution, many sectors of industry are emitters of greenhouse gases. According to the general commission for sustainable development, in 2019, the transport sector accounted for nearly 31% of greenhouse gases. This is why Abzac has been focusing its research for more than 70 years on producing sustainable packaging solutions: light and easy to transport.

Sustainable packaging solutions

The depletion of natural resources and ecological risks are today more than ever at the heart of societal and economic debates. Faced with this, sustainable packaging solutions also have a role to play.

Indeed, if companies are always looking for innovation to sustain their presence on the market, they must now face a new major challenge: taking environmental aspects into account in their decisions and actions. Over the past few decades, we have witnessed, through innovation, massive technical advancements that have improved the quality of freight transportation. Pollution, depletion of natural resources, and also destruction of natural environments, facing these no return points, many companies are trying to preserve the environment like Abzac.

Surely you  hear more and more about it around you, cardboard drums, also called “kraft drums” or fiber drums: these are packaging dedicated to packaging. Solid and resistant, the cardboard drum greatly facilitates the transport of goods. With several decades of experience, Abzac is the European leader in kraft drums. We rely on 4 plants where we produce fiber drums in  Europe, we are at your disposal for any project.

Abzac, a company involved in the ecological transition

The ecological transition is at the heart of all concerns. Faced with this, we too wanted to propose solutions. This is why  Abzac creates sustainable cardboard and kraft packaging for manufacturers.

We strive as a player in the ecological transition to produce increasingly efficient packaging. Cardboard tubes, cardboard corners, fiber drums, cardboard drums or even sealing cartridges, we put all our know-how into the production of your packaging solutions. Our industrial group is able to support professionals in fine chemicals, the food industry, industrial pharmaceuticals, etc. We can produce cardboard, kraft, crimped drums and all-fiber drums for you, to protect and package your powder products, granules, dry pasty, semi-liquid or liquid..

If you too want to reduce your carbon footprint and promote the circular economy, call on our services. Indeed, we have designed our strategy around cardboard packaging. Existing since 1928, we at Abzac are one of the first pioneers in the manufacture of cardboard packaging.

If you are looking for packaging solutions that are sustainable, generate little waste and protect your products, you can count on our packaging solutions. Over the years, we have established ourselves as a specialist in the development of industrial solutions, reliable, but also respectful of the environment. So why don’t you also turn to cardboard drums? If you want to know more, contact one of our specialists for more information.

At Abzac, we have designed fibre drums that perfectly suit for transport and handling. This is why kraft drums are a durable, economical and efficient solution! Would you like more information about our barrel production? Contact us for more information. Do not hesitate to browse our blog, you will find many articles on fibre drums, but also about edges and paper cores.